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Pour yourself a glass of rich and delicious wine

For over 3 years, Pit Stop Liquors has been providing the richest variety of wine to the Newton area. With experienced staff, we help you find the wine that fits your tastes.

  • White

  • Reds

  • Dry

  • Sweet

  • Domestic

  • Imported

  • Blends

Shop for the perfect wine pairing:

Nothing complements a great dinner than the perfect bottle of wine! If you're planning a romantic dinner or a classy dinner party for friends, let our specialists help you find the wine you need. Let us know what the menu is. We'll show you a variety of options to help enhance the delicious flavors.

Prepare for a romantic dinner

Call ahead to see if we have the wine you love!



Are you looking for a specific brand of wine? If you can't find what you're looking for in our unique selection, ask how we can special order it for your event.